<Prologue>Introduction of the series – What is the activity theory by Motoyasu Morishita?

– For fellow friends around the world who devote themselves to the cultural activities –

Motoyasu Morishita, the founder of “The Federation of Japan Amateur Orchestra Corps. (JAO)” and “World Amateur Orchestra Federation (WFAO)” was a Japanese language teacher at a junior high school, who devoted himself to various activities of amateur orchestra until he passed away in 2010.

Starting with a small reed ensemble at the junior high school as a club activity, he established a citizen orchestra; Morishita continued to expand his activities to all over Japan and worldwide. What is notable is that he wrote and left various writings about his activities. With non-existent right answer nor equation, his writings are true form of deep soliloquizes and prayers, in which he had continued to explore the significance of existence and direction of amateur orchestras.

Morishita’s contemplation questions the norms of amateur orchestra activity, which are deeply rooted in the essence of culture of living and the life itself. We would like to start the series of “Activity Theory of Motoyasu Morishita” on this website of NPO-WFAO, as one of the basis for verifying the current situation and direction of amateur orchestra activities.

We sincerely hope that this “Activity Theory” will be a streak of light not only in Japan but also for friends of the world who are passionately devoting themselves in amateur orchestra activities.