<Chapter 6> Message for TYOC participants/ Activities for Young People Message for Young People (2)

“Before improving musical techniques, it is essential to fully understand that orchestra is a sublimation art form of people gathering.”

I would say there are fewer people than expected, who participate in TYOC with a truly strong sense of purpose. Improvement of musical techniques indeed is an aim of TYOC, but to transform from “being forced to make music” into “desiring to make music,” and understanding music activities as your own will, even more, is the most important essence.

Rehearsals and practices are not only for “improvement of musical techniques,” but to find strong mind to endure it, to discover kindness to help others in need, and to feel the strong desire to learn and grow within yourselves. Yes, the target of TYOC indeed, is yourself.
(March 1994)

Before improving your musical techniques, I would like all of you to understand that orchestra is a sublimation art form of people gathering, and to have a feeling of gratitude toward people around you.
(March 1987)

Conditions of amateur orchestra activities in Japan vary largely by region. Your teachers never complained and did their best in their own regions. What they all had in common was not just a passion for an orchestra, but also the “strength” inside themselves.

Ensemble of an orchestra is, in a sense, continuous service and self-sacrifice. I believe recognizing this fact is actually the best and the shortest way for this organization to bring the best results.
(March 2007)

People feel anxiety when they do not belong to a group. At the same time, they are never sure whether the self in a group is one’s true self or not. Suffering a setback and loneliness may be painful, but it might change into a self-training machine. There are various values in the world and sometimes people tend to see others through a cloudy lens of money and status, but you shall always check where the position of your soul is.

I strongly hope that TYOC not only excites your musical desire but also helps you how you look at your future life. Finally yet importantly, please keep in mind that we are proud of your existence and activities and that this is the hope of those who support you.
(March 1998)

At TYOC, I have never met a young person who is apathetic and with bad manners, as generally said by the public. I often tell people around me, “The educational level of those who are aiming for classical music is somewhat different.” This is not because you are selected people, but the community with a good purpose already has an educational power within it.

The joy to get together, make music, know your ability and improve it indeed could be painful. Music is not only joyful, but it makes you face your inner truth.
(March 1993)

Japan is a small country, yet there is quite a difference in sense of musical blessing. It is a scary thought that musical knowledge and techniques lead to unconsciously wrong confidence and psychological wilderness.

Orchestra starts, to some extent, with limiting and controlling of capricious freedom and personality of individuals. It is sometimes inconvenient and may not be enjoyable, however, you will start to see another side of yourself in the mirror of other players in the orchestra.

The greatest hidden purpose of TYOC is to learn about self-control and self-regulation. You will create a delicate rippling wave when returning to your hometown as a grown person.
(March 2005)