<Chapter 10> Activities of International Exchanges (3)

“The primitive desire of human beings to resonate with each other will bring people together musically and a heartwarming sound of the symphony will heard around the world.”

When I founded World Amateur Orchestra Federation with colleagues from other countries, they treated me with great respect; this was not because of my musical talent, but because they knew how deeply I was proud of my own Japanese culture. Not only me but also all representatives of different countries are unbelievably proud of their own culture and language.
(April 2004)

Orchestra in a way is a result of various compromise since it is built on individual musical skills. For example, is a genius joins in the violin section of the orchestra, there is a possibility that his/her sound projects and becomes a bad ensemble as a whole.

We have a contradiction here, that a group of people who compete for artistic sense does not fit the culture of citizens’ orchestra. Of course, it would not be nice to have bad player bosses around. Valuing each player’s artistic freedom and cooperation among players are valued at the same; I wonder if such orchestra exists.

In previous WFAO meeting, someone brought up the opinion and said, “Let’s stop bragging about each other’s techniques.” When will we be able to have a higher viewpoint where we can be considerate of our friends in developing countries whom we have not met yet.

From a fundamental perspective, sharing music with others is a primary human delight, regardless of its level. What stops us from having such delight? The reason why we changed WFAO into a non-profit organization is to simply sim to share blissfulness in broadening and deepening activity of amateur orchestra.

We have friends whom we have not yet met in countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, India, in Africa and South America. Regardless of skill level, the primitive desire of human being to resonate with each other will bring people together musically and a heartwarming sound of the symphony will be heard on the Earth.
(December 2007)

The management of the international department of the Federation of Japan Amateur Orchestras (JAO) is transferred to NPO WFAO from this year. We continue to give unstinted praise to our friends in Europe and in the U.S., as well as young musicians in Venezuelan, but we believe the improvement of techniques is not the only dream of our hearts. All children whom we have not met yet, children who have never seen a violin in their life, children from tropical rainforests and snow mountains…I truly hope that participants of JAO and WFAO like you will serve as musical ambassadors to such places in the future. Let us dream that one day, when the whole world play the universal symphony.
(March 2008)