<Performance Series Chapter 5> Passion for youth, expansion of JAO activities

“Until now, the youth section was attached to the main activity, but from now on, let us have a sense of independence as the youth section. The future of amateur orchestra in Japan isall in your hands.”

With the increase of youth orchestras in Japan, JAO held youth sections in festivals. One of the important festival was held in the city of Narashino where Morishita conducted the youth orchestra in 1981.

“You will all carry vital roles in the future and maintain the culture of Japan!”

This was the very first thing Morishita said towards 156 young people who gathered from all over Japan. The participants were very shocked by this. Morishita and the young people experienced 2 days of passionate orchestra activitiesand they shed tears on the stage after the live performance. The applause praising the beautiful tears never stopped. This was the first time for young people to experience the “sensation” that they created by themselves.

Later on, Morishita wrote letters to the young participants of the orchestra as follows.

One month has passed since the “Narashino Festival.”
Do you all remember what I told you just one hour before the concert performance? You all gathered here to not only perform in the youth orchestra, but with this experience, you go back to your local cities and reconsider your orchestra, and work hard with a new determination. In addition, you all carry vital roles in the future of amateur orchestras in Japan.

Since the festival, I assume you are working on new activities in your local orchestras.
Please continue the orchestra as a cultural activity that you can be proud of for the rest of your life and overcome any obstacles such as taking entrance examinations and others that may occur in youth period.

Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No.2
Motoyasu Morishita, Conductor
Festival Junior Orchestra of JAO
9th Japan Amateur Orchestra Festival in Narashino
(July 26, 1981)

Triggered by this experience, young people from all over Japan delivered strong desire “to spend and share longer time with fellow friends”; Morishita responded to this desire and realized TYOC for the first time three years later. TYOC is carried through to the present day; Morishita and the young people continue to expand their stories.

Please enjoy the performance by the youth orchestra from the “Legendary Narashino Festival.”