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The request of the questionnaire of
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 It is my privilege to inform you about the First Asian Youth and Amateur Orchestra Festival in Fukuoka City in August 2011.
 JAO (Japan Amateur Orchestra) has been organizing every year a National Amateur Orchestra Festival that allows players from all over the country to renew their friendship in music.
  This year the scope of the Festival is to include players from all Asian countries. This has become possible thanks to the cooperation of JAO with NPO WFAO (NPO World Federation of Amateur Orchestras).
 The Festival will allow players from Japan and other Asian countries to strengthen their ties through music and hopefully contribute to a better understanding of their respective cultures.

  We would like to invite some players of your country and would be very grateful if you could provide the needed information to contact those orchestras.

   The questionnaire form download

   If there are “Youth Orchestras” or “Adult Amateur Orchestras” in your country, please, fill in this form.

The data you provide will allow us to contact the respective orchestras and provide them with detailed information about “The First Asian Youth and Amateur Orchestra Festival” that will take place in Fukuoka (Japan) in August 2011.

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