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Nobuo Kamino,
NPO WFAO President

  Responding to the wishes of our friends who are committed to the worldwide development of amateur orchestras’ activities, I have founded the Non Profit World Amateur Orchestra Federation (NPO WFAO)
  Regarding the detailed outline and purpose of NPO WFAO, Mr. Morishita Chair of the Board of Directors, will provide them in a separate message, but I want to stress that the central purpose of NPO WFAO is to support the speedy development of amateur orchestras’ activities worldwide.
  From now on, our challenge is to gain worldwide recognition and to serve as the crossing point where friends, united by the same purpose can meet, exchange information, consult and support each other.
  Please, use and support NPO WFAO as much as possible to widen and promote our goals.
Richard Chester,
WFAO Vice-Chairman

The creation of a new Company (Not for Profit Organisation) to continue the valuable work of the World Federation of Amateur Orchestras (WFAO) is an important step forward in developing the enthusiastic and rewarding work of amateur orchestras worldwide.
  The Company, incorporated in Japan, enables the valuable and productive work undertaken since 1996 by the Japan Amateur Orchestras Association, on behalf of WFAO, to be continued and developed with success and financial security.
Alex Van Beveren,
WFAO Vice-Chairman

After years of continously working a new era starts for the WFAO (World Federation of Amateur Orchestras) now that it got the status of a NPO.
  New structures creates new pulses with new ideas and this in favour of a permanent development of the amateur music-making.
  Amateur-musicians who have this great pleasure to play together and to find people worldwide - with the same aim and interest. Always trying to bring the best out of the music and trying to give the best out of theirselves.
  History gives so many examples of the extreme great value of music. Joining people in their deepest feelings.
Greatest respect and congratutions by this new step in the future.

Stephen Hobson,
WFAO Vice-Chairman

  Heartiest congratulations to Mr. Motoyasu Morishita and all those who have worked so hard to make WFAO NPO a reality.
  This is an extremely significant moment in the “life”of the WFAO and will make it possible for the organization and its members to achieve worldwide success in promoting and assisting amateur orchestras
in many diverse countries.
  With the opportunity for increased financial support, it is my hope that WFAO will be able to reach out with a strong hand to provide substantial assistance to adult and youth amateur orchestras in need of support.
  I would certainly encourage individuals, corporations, and businesses to view the WFAO NPO as an organization worthy of receiving contributions to further the important goals of developing musical culture and person to person interaction by amateur musicians from many different backgrounds.
  Music can unite people like no other art form.
  WFAO NPO can play an important role in bringing people and countries together for a better world.

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